All Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter Protest In Delco

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Some people want Black Lives to be in center stage. Others want All Lives Matter to be center stage . The two converged in Ridley Twp yesterday,  and it was not pretty.  Fearing vandalism or unrest, a group of bikers staked out the Herbert Best VFW Post 928  because they knew Black Lives Matters protesters were nearby.   The VFW Post is also a headquarters to law enforcement motorcycle clubs.

As the two got near each other, shouting began.  One male from the All Lives Matter displayed a Confederate Flag, with the words “Heritage Not Hate”  Patriotic music filled the air from loud speakers. Black Lives Matter protesters were not happy about seeing this flag,  even though the group has a constitutional right to have it. The All Lives Matter group  do not like how political everything has become. From BLM  being put on city streets to what they consider overpaid professional athletes refusing to stand for the National Anthem.

The two crowds got vocal, as they both wound up at the Ridley Police Station. Some people in pick up trucks burned rubber towards the BLM crowd.

There was some pushing a shoving.

The both protests wound down about 5:00 PM. One protester acted like an idiot by trying to take a phone from a journalist.