Josh Shapiro Wins Reelection For PA Attorney General

Alex Lloyd Gross- Photo-Delaware Valley Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Josh Shapiro, (D) the Attorney General for the state of Pennsylvania gets to hand onto his job for another term.  Results were finalized today, November 6 2020. With almost 95 percent of the voting precincts  reporting their numbers, he commanded a sizable lead of  50.45 % of the vote. When the race was called,  he had 3,321,680 votes compared to Heather Heidelbaugh, (R) who had no name recognition in the eastern part of the state. She is a lawyer from the Pittsburgh area.  She got 46.78 % percent, or 3,079,580 votes.


Shapiro is known for his visit to Kensignton and other drug ravaged areas in the city. He has held many press conferences with city a suburban leaders about gun and drug problems across the state.  His leadership against greedy retailers who sought to take advantage of  people seeking essential gear like hand sanitizer and face masks at inflated prices.

The early returns showed him trailing Heidelbaugh by almost double digits. Those numbers started to turn for Shapiro within the last few days, when the vote was too close to call.