Robber Shot, Killed By Victim In Northeast Philadelphia

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Crime does not pay. You can go to jail, or you can lose your life. one suspected robber found that out the hard way.  He went into the Wingstop on the 2100 block of Cottman Avenue.,last night, November 29,2020. The store was occupied by three employees, when the hapless thief walked in wearing a  mask and gloves. He pointed a gun at the employees and told them to empty the register.



It is at that point , a customer walks in,  and the robber points his gun at him and demands his cellphone.  Instead of getting the cellphone, the gunman got shot when the customer pulled his own gun and shot him in the neck, one time. The robber does have a criminal record.  police said the customer will not be facing charges, and he is cooperating.The incident was caught on security cameras that were in the store, police said.