Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Medicinal Cures

by Paul Big bear
Dear Friends,
       As we seem to be seeing the light at the end of this pandemic, what do we now face? Will you remain working from home? What will our children face as they transition back to actually attending school? What will your days be like as restrictions lift? One of the things we need to consider; the affects of sixteen months of wearing a mask, constantly washing our hands, checking temperatures, hand sanitizing, social distancing, and entertaining from home, alone. Have you been reading more, listening to music, maybe a new hobby; painting, writing, knitting, puzzles, or binge watching TV. I admit that my wife and I have been recording shows to watch later and watching mini marathons and marathons of old favorite shows and some shows we never had time to watch and now are enjoying. “That was a good episode” “I like the characters” “the casting is great” and we watch a second episode and a third and record the next six for tomorrow. The time watching together is special as is the time eating together, sitting on the porch, enjoying our home together. All this we are handling well, we joke and laugh, and enjoy each day. We reach out to others and do what we can to be there if we can help, these things are easy for us, here is the part that worries me greatly; LONELINESS, how many feel isolated, are being negatively affected by lack of human contact? How many are becoming disturbingly worried about their health?
       Do you suffer from; headaches, stomach or bowel disorders, cramping, weepy eyes, sinus congestion, tingling feet how many symptoms are we displaying? Don’t worry we have a pill that will help. How many of you remember a young George Carlin pointing out a world with a pill for everything? He pointed out that we live in a world where drugs are everywhere and available every day. “Just walk down any street and on any corner you will see, in big lights, DRUGS!” Well the signs no longer say drugs but the message has been received, no matter what you are suffering from we have a pill that will help. Depression, we got that covered as they tout the latest feel good pill (not a cure but feel good) they then quickly follow that “good news” with a page long list of side effects; “May cause burning eyes, dry mouth, itching skin, anal seepage, raised blood pressure, raised sugar levels, heart palpitations, diarrhea, constipation, confusion, and in some cases some side effects that may prove fatal.” Then they add this “If you have trouble affording your drug of choice we may be able to help.” This is how drug dealers create junkies. It is called dependency! What are you dependent upon, pills, booze, or some other temporary relief with long range side effects? The pharmaceutical companies quietly put aside billions of dollars to cover future law suits while they wait for the FDA to clear them for sale, isn’t that comforting. Life is full of choices, I choose to awaken each day grateful for all that I am blessed with, another day to live and enjoy, my wife, family, friends, a roof over my head, a home full of love, a purpose for each day, being able to do what I love doing, entertaining, reading, writing, and being surrounded by great people. Most of all I thank God for all these blessings in my life. Oh and the fact that when followed correctly there are no side effects with the Bible, God bless you.