Car Sought In Fatal Kensington Avenue Hit and Run

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police have looked at local business surveillance cameras  and found the car they say is responsible for hitting and killing Lauren Panas of Cedar Street. on the 2700 block of Kensington Avenue on June 6 2021. The accident happened at 4:00 AM.




The driver of what is possibly a 2021 Ford Escape hit the pedestrian who was crossing the street and kept going south on Kensignton Avenue. The driver did not stop and is facing serious charges. There should be damage to the hood and front end. Anyone having info on this vehicle, possibly a neighbor or co worker has this vehicle and suddenly, there is fresh damage on it, police want to hear from you.

Contact AID headquarters at (215) 686-3180 to leave an anonymous tip at (215) 686 TIPS