Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Fathers Day and Car Shows

by Paul Big Bear
Dear Friends,
       Sunday is Father’s Day, it is also the longest day and the first day of summer and we are coming out of the pandemic. I am so glad, I understand that there are places that still require a mask, and social distancing, but we are coming out. The weather has been great and Father’s Day the weather folks are calling for hot (upper 80’s) with sun and no rain. What will you be doing as our world begins to open? Tonight (Friday the 18th of June) I was in Hatboro for the June Cruise Night, I set up in front of KP Kitchen as the cars began “Cruising” and so many people started walking the town. I was asked to sing for a couple of hours, I stayed for four it felt so good to be out in the sunshine and fresh air and see so many people (some still wearing their masks) out being social again. Pizza and sodas, hoagies, sandwiches, ice cream, and kids with bubble stuff blowing bubbles and laughing, is this what Punxsutawney Phil feels like when he is suddenly pulled from his den on the second of February? Somehow I don’t think he enjoys the elation that I felt. So many beautiful people coming up and saying “hello” smiling, and enjoying themselves as I saw friends I had not seen in over a year. There were many new faces that came up and shared their joy.
I will be returning to Hatboro on Sunday (5 to 8 PM) to again sing on Williams Lane in celebration of Father’s Day and Summer and I look forward to again seeing our world opening up, people coming out gathering, greeting each other, and feeling good about life again. I hope that everyone has come through this pandemic in good health, physically of course, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, with a strong appreciation for the things that are truly important.
As I watched the cars, trucks, and motor cycles cruising I saw people enjoying showing off their vehicles and I realized, they aren’t showing off wealth or bragging about what they have, I saw people finally able to enjoy their passions, together as a family, a community. Work, pay your bills, feed the family, provide the necessities of life, and be happy, happy people smile and that is infectious. They also showed support for the O’Neil Collision Center family, employees, and friends as they said good bye to Jamie Brett. People who did what had to be done to keep everyone safe from COVID19, who stayed home for over a year, wore a mask, washed their hands, who sanitized everything, finally emerging to once again live life. This is what I saw in my little section of this great country, what did you see? Friendly people, no division just smiling faces and happy greetings, just America being great again.
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