Massachusetts Male Guilty Of Sending Threatening Emails To Philly Police Commissioner

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo-Delaware Valley Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw at a community event in August 2021

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Sep 16 2021

Federal authorities charged Peter Fratus, 39, of West Dennis, MA, with sending threatening emails to Danielle Outlaw,  on June 6 2020, which was about the time the riots  involving Black lives Matter and Antifa were paralyzing the nation. In those emails, Fratus made racist , threatening statements and even asked about where she lived.  He opted for a trial and was found guilty this week  of transmitting threatening communications in interstate commerce.


He was surfing the internet and came upon the Philly Police website and got her email from there.  It is a federal felony to send emails that threaten someone.  After Fratus sent the emails, police and federal authorities conducted and investigation, which led to his arrest in  August  of 2020.



He will be sentenced at a later date.