Mail Carrier Flips Car On Algon Avenue

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley The crash scene

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Sept.21 2021

Some postal carriers use their personal vehicles for the delivery of US Mail.   That is what authorities are investigating as part of a two vehicle accident on the 8400 block of Algon Avenue early today, September 21, 2021. The accident happened about 11:00 AM.



One male was injured, when the car he was driving struck the rear side of a parked car, causing the quarter panel and axle to become damaged. That vehicle must be towed and cannot be driven, due to the disabling damage to the axle.

The striking car then glanced off of the parked car, and flipped onto it’s roof. The driver sustained non life threatening injuries and is expected to survive. A bag of US Mail was in the car at the time of the crash.  Algon Avenue was closed at Krewstown Road.