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Fatal Shooting Outside Lincoln High School

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo Delaware Valley News.com Homicide Detectives at the shooting scene

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Oct 18 2021

A fight over something stupid has cost a 65 year old man his life, after a fight outside jeans Pizza Shop  across from Lincoln High School turned deadly.  Reports are sketchy, but based on preliminary information, a fistfight started about 2:45 PM. Within minutes,  a 21 year old male pulled a pistol and fired several rounds, striking one boy, aged 16 in his head as he was running away. It is not know if he was involved in the initial altercation.


Another bullet went into the window of a passing car and struck the driver in his head. The car, traveling on Ryan Avenue at Rowland Street  was operated by a 65 year old male with no passengers. He crashed his car through the fence in front of the school. He later died from his injuries.


This shooting happened during the dismissal of school for the day. There were two plainclothes police at the school that witnessed the scene and took action, quickly disarming the shooter and placing him under arrest.  His name has not yet been released. One more male has also been taken into custody.


Alex Lloyd Gross Photo-Delaware Valley News.com Homicide Detectives investigate the victims car





He will face homicide charges and weapons offeneses.  It is not know what he was doing at the school or if he was a former student. Homici9de detectives arrived on scene later in the afternoon to speak to witnesses and look for security footage.  Markings on the sidewalk depict where the bullets  wound up.  Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw called the shooting “senseless”.

Alex Lloyd Gross
Alex Lloyd Gross has the reputation for aggressive news coverage. With over 40 years experience including working at The News Gleaner, and had his work published in books and magazines that span the entire globe. With a strong background in emergency service related topics, he can bring forth a perspective that others cannot.
A contributor to Starfile Photo Agency for 20 years, Alex has been given access to and has photographed luminaries of both stage and screen.
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One Response “Fatal Shooting Outside Lincoln High School”

  1. Margo Bozeli
    October 19, 2021 at 6:26 am

    When actions have no consequences lawlessness prevails. With Krasner in office, my bet is the shooter will be out in time for Thanksgiving, while the victim’s family will continue crying at the empty seat at the table.

    Anyone know the DA count of illegal gun procession arrests that have been tried and convicted, over the past 5 years?

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