Security Camera Footage Released On Croydon Fatal Hit and Run

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Dec 28 2021

It was just after 5:08 PM Christmas Eve, when John Dugan was crossing State Road in Croydon. He apparently had tripped and fell.  When he started across the intersection he knew and used many times, the road was clear. This was right in front of his house, near Fourth Avenue.   He fell in the southbound lanes and was getting up. Just then, a cherry red Chevy Silverado  came barreling down State Road. The driver hit Dugan, running him over and kept on going, towards Bensalem. The vehicle and driver never stopped.


As police looked for the vehicle, security footage at the Sunoco captured the vehicle. This footage was released and  now police are hoping someone knows the vehicle. Perhaps a co worker or neighbor has a vehicle like this and that truck has not been seen for a few days. That is suspicious. Police want to hear from you.  If the truck is suddenly painted a different color, that is a reason to call police.

They are not sure of the extent of the damage on the truck.  People should also pay closer attention to someone with this kind of vehicle that is spending or has spent  time detailing the front end , hoping to clear or clean evidence from the truck.

If you did not see anything and want to help the family, who were well liked and respected in the area, there is a GO FUND set up by family members. If you think you might have  some information, even if it’s a trivial detail, call Officer Kenneth Margerum at 267-812-2991.