Male Wanted For Damaging Parking Kiosks In Center City

by Alex Lloyd Gross

No one  likes the Philadelphia Parking Authority, except those that work there.   The ticketing and towing of cars is ruthless. That could be the reason behind what police say this male is doing. The allege that for a period of about five months, from October 29,2021 through March 7 2022 this male has been putting toothpicks into the card reader slots of parking kiosks.

He has damaged 127 such metered kiosks since he started, police said.  This individual would concentrate in the area of 7th St to 13th St and Race St to Walnut St. In the above photo, he is seen carrying a piece of cardboard. It is not known what , if anything is on that cardboard. It could a sign begging for money, or a sign putting the meter out of service.

Either way, police want to speak with him.  It is unknown if he is parking a car in those spots, or just doing this random.

If you have any information about this crime or this suspect, please contact:
Central Detective Division:
Det. McClain
DC 22-06-009639