Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Culture and Peace

Dear Friends,
       I sit here writing my latest column message on Saint Patty’s Day, wearin’ of the green, four leaf clovers/shamrocks, green beer, ham and cabbage, and of course the music; “Danny Boy” “I’ll Take You Home Kathleen” and “Who Threw The Overalls In Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder.” Then the news comes on and I see the latest from the Ukraine and I am saddened as I see the horrible atrocities of the Russian aggression, war. Bombs blowing up buildings with people, women, children, the elderly, as Russian soldiers push their way into the Ukraine supposedly to protect Russians. Russian citizens protesting in Russia are being arrested and beaten. How many men, women, children are being killed each day, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and American. Sanctions are being put in place, all but four UN countries have voted to put an end to this violence. Threats of chemical warfare feed the fear of World War Three. It seems that there is always fighting and threats of fighting and people living in the fear of war.
     I have traveled and met people all over the world, spoken with people from so many countries, tasted their foods, spoken with them about their cultures and shared their music. I have found that the people, the citizens, the families and workers are just that, people. They work, love, raise families, laugh, have pride in themselves, and enjoy music, many sing. They have their faiths and beliefs just as we do. So why war? I will blame governments that do not represent the people instead they seek wealth and power, rattling the sabers of war and seeking financial superiority.
      I feel it is time for the people of the world to come together as one race, the human race, and stand as one, pray for peace and understanding and where they are able, vote for a government that will represent their needs, what is best for them, not leaders who feel that voters, citizens, the working backbone of society are pawns in some bazaar chess game, instead, see that we the people are the villages, the towns, the cities, states, the countries, and the real producers that create the economies of the world. Tonight take the time it took to drink a green beer, listen to Danny Boy and say a prayer for peace.