Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Time Management

Dear Friends,
       “Hello, how are you today?” “Hey, how are you feeling?” “How is your day going?” How many times a day are you greeted this way, and how often do you greet others this way? Do you wait for them to answer your query? Did you really seek an answer? Or do you answer them with a nod and continue about your business.
       When you wake in the morning do you hit the “snooze alarm” and go back to sleep? Maybe you are one of those people who set their clock fifteen minutes fast so you awaken thinking you are late getting out of bed. How does the weather affect your demeanor? Is it only after a shower and coffee that you are able to utter more than a grunt when responding to others?
        Do you commute to your morning destination? Would that be by bus, train, car, or do you walk? However you travel do you plan your time, leaving yourself time for delays or errands and stops like fueling the tank of your car. Are you under pressure and short tempered, speeding to make up time? Is the pace of your day, your life, pretty well programmed before your daily interactions begin?
        How is your blood pressure, your digestion, do you need antacids after every meal and a drink or two to unwind? Do you enjoy your commute home or are things at home deemed as more pressure in your life?
        Perhaps you need to make some adjustments, remember you can’t change the weather but you can change your attitude. Does a snooze alarm really help make you feel more rested, does the clock being set ahead really fool you, every day, or are you capable of simple mathematics? Do you believe that if you had 26 hours in the day you would be more organized?
        We are all given the same twenty-four hours a day, how we organize them is one of life’s choices. Meals, actual nutritious food, eaten away from stressful situations and travel plans that allow you to go the speed limit, take a more scenic route, stop and pick up a surprise for dessert. Perhaps you will even find time to greet others with a smile and a friendly “how are you today?” and take a moment to hear their response. How am I today? Another day in paradise my friend thank you for asking.