Bristol Township Police Still looking For Clues In Shooting Incident

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It’s been a few days and police are still investigating a shooting on Fifth Avenue in Croydon.  It was during the overnight hours on April 12, 2022, about 11:15 PM until 12:10 AM April 13, 2022. During that time frame, an unknown person(s) fired several gunshots that struck a house on the 500 block of  Fifth Avenue. No one was hit by gunfire, but there was damage to the house,authorities said.

Police previously sent out a letter to residents on the block asking for video footage, from doorbell cameras and home security systems.  That letter was posted to social media. Not everyone saw this. It is quite possible that someone outside of this area was visiting a friend or relative,  or delivering food. There is a possibility that a dash cam might have captured something between that time frame.

Police want to hear from you if you have any footage. You can email it to Detective Slaughter . His email is ms***********@br*******.org. If that is not possible, you can contact the department directly and they will come to you to look at it.