Philly Nightclub Bouncer Charged With Murder After Ejecting Patron

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 28, 2022

Bouncers that work security at clubs must put up with a lot. They get called names, challenged to fights by drunks and sometimes they have to remove people that don’t know when to leave. None of those reasons are good enough to punch a person so hard that they  go unconscious and die. However that is exactly what happened to Eric Pope, 41, of Washington DC.

He was inside the bar that Kenneth Frye was working security at. It was on April 16, 2022 at 12:50 AM He was called to toss Pope out of Tabu lounge and Sports Bar on 12th Street.  Frye was not an actual employee of the bar, but a contractor and working for Main Line Security. This information will be relevant during any civil proceeding.

Pope was out of the bar  when Frye approached him and decked him with one punch. That punch caused Pope to fall to the ground . He hit his head and died.  Frye turned himself in to police to face third degree murder charges.

Once a patron is removed from the bar, a bouncer is not permitted to put their hands on them. If the ejected person is causing a problem, the  bouncer should call police.