National Drug Take Back Day Was Held Yesterday

by Alex Lloyd Gross

At times, someone will be prescribed some medicine that they no longer need. Perhaps the person has died.  The medicine will sit in a persons house, sometimes long past the expiration date.


It does not have to be a narcotic. It can be a steroid or antibiotic. It is unneeded. People will at times take to flushing it down the toilet or put it in the trash. Both those options are unsafe.  With the National drug take back day, people can dispose f the medicine free and safely.  Across the country, police departments have stationed an officer at a location to insure the drugs turned in are safe and not stolen.

in Bristol Township,  people could turn their unwanted drugs in in front of the police station. District Attorney Matt Weinraub paid a visit there and said that “Across Pennsylvania, Bucks County has collected more unwanted prescription drugs than any other county in the state,”.


It is best to peel your name off the label or cross it out with a sharpie pen, that way your information stays private.  You can visit your local police station if you missed the event, some have containers where you can drop your unwanted medicine off  through the year. According to Weintraub, the drugs collected are incinerated.



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