Dog Helps Accused Robbers Face Federal Prison

by Alex Lloyd Gross

When someone goes out to commit a crime, it is a huge gamble, that could cost them their freedom or their life.  The larger the crime the bigger the consequences.  You may remember reading about a robbery thwarted by a dog.  A gunfight erupted inside a corner store,  The bad guys, Resean Lewis, 25, and William McIntyre, 27, both of Philadelphia, PA, were arrested and charged by Indictment with attempted Hobbs Act robbery, and carrying and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence.  While they face state charges in this matter, they will now stand before a federal judge  as well who could send them both away for the rest of their lives.

As the two allegedly went in to  the corner store on Torresdale Avenue at Cheltenham Avenue at 4:00 AM. on February 1 2022. When they announced a robbery, both had guns.  The clerk brought his dog a baby German Sheppard named Sport to work.  The dig sensed something was not right, when both of the robbers went behind the counter, pulled guns and announced a robbery.

Sport saw strangers in his area, heard the loud , unfamiliar voices and jumped on one of the robbers. That momentary distraction was enough to allow the clerk to pull his own firearm and shot Lewis multiple times.  McIntyre then returned fire, hitting the clerk.

“When I announced the All Hands On Deck initiative over one year ago, I vowed that we would do all we could to stop the violent crime ravaging our city and support the Philadelphia Police Department in its work,” said U.S. Attorney Jennifer Arbittier  Williams. “I also put criminals on notice that we were doubling down on our efforts to identify, arrest and charge them in the federal system for their crimes. The indictments of these defendants show that we have kept our word to focus on getting the most violent individuals off the street and behind bars.”