Male Uses Company To Steal Apple Products From Warrington Business

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 18,2022

Some people are too slick for their own good,  Like Brandon Sanderlin of Philadelphia. He was working for a company that assembles display cases for stores. On May 19, 2022  his company, 2020 Company  sent him to the BJ’s warehouse on Easton Road in Warrington Twp.  He was told to disassemble and reassemble a display case, which he did.  Part of that process was to take merchandise away from the case and put it back. When the display case was reassembled, he allegedly kept  some merchandise.



Specifically, two watches and an i-Pad  and other Apple products. The value came to $1403.00. Security cameras showed Sanderlin putting the items in his backpack and leaving the store.  He came back again on June 15th when the club is closed.  He rings the night doorbell, is let in by an employee. he has no work order.  Eight minutes later he left with an I-Pad valued at $1103.00. He used his company ID to gain access to the store but did not have any valid work order or enter the store which was closed, police said in their complaint.

Police entered the serial numbers of the stolen items in their computers and got a hi9ton them.  Sanderlin allegedly used his drivers license to pawn some items in Philadelphia  and in Willow Grove.


According to court records, Sanderlin is accused of doing this before in different BJ Clubs.  He failed to cooperate with police but admitted he still had items, according to court records.  He has an address in Frankford and another in  West Oak Lane.

He was arrested and charged with burglary and criminal trespass.