Bicycle Rider Struck by Car On Woodhaven Road

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Aug 29, 2022

Just after 6:30 AM a female riding a bicycle on the access road of Woodhaven Road, from Knights was struck by a car and seriously hurt, police said.  As of 8:40 AM, no condition was released on the rider of the bike.

Preliminary reports gathered at the scene indicate that the bicyclist may have been riding against traffic when a passenger car hit the bike. The car sustained serious damage to the front end  and windshield.   The bicycle was obliterated and laying in the street in multiple pieces.  The car pulled into a gas  station immediately after the accident and the driver stayed at the scene.

No charges have been filed against the driver of the car, police said.  The driver of the car was from Horsham and the bike rider was from the Far Northeast.


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1 thought on “Bicycle Rider Struck by Car On Woodhaven Road

  1. Bicyclists are almost always the ones at fault when there’s a collision with a motor vehicle. They want to ride in heavy traffic lanes like cars but they want to be exempt from the same rules of the road that cars and trucks have to follow. Be dumb and eventually you go down, get hurt. It’s hard to feel sorry for them when it happens. I speak as a cyclist myself as well as a motorist. They really don’t belong on the main roads.

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