Two Inmates Stabbed Inside Philly Correctional Facility

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Sep 7, 2022

Philadelphia police confirmed that two inmates were stabbed inside the Riverside Correctional Facility on the 8100 block of State Road.  The fist incident happened at 5:58 PM under the staircase of G-Unit.  An inmate was stabbed one time in the right eye. He was rushed to Jefferson Hospital and placed in stable condition.

Less than one hour later,  a male was stabbed multiple times in his back and arms.he was taken by prison officials to Jefferson Hospital and also placed in stable condition.  Police did not say if the two stabbings were related or what precipitated the stabbings. No one was arrested and no one has admitted they saw anything in either attack.

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2 thoughts on “Two Inmates Stabbed Inside Philly Correctional Facility

  1. They not doing enough to make sure that the prisoners are safe like making sure that they don’t have shanks their not doing there jobs .

  2. I’m concerned for a family member who is now incarcerated at a different facility who this happened to recently. I need to be put in direct contact with some resource.

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