Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Fall Holidays

Dear Friends,
       Today is the 8th of September and Labor Day is now behind us autumn will be here in just fourteen days that leaves 114 days of 2022 remaining. In that time remaining we will celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipper, Columbus Day, Halloween, 9-11, Thanksgiving, Pearl Harbor, Hanukkah, the first day of winter (21st of December for those keeping track), Christmas, and finally New Year’s Eve. In that same time schools welcome students back, home maintenance (heaters cleaned and inspected), storm windows in place, leaves raked, getting ready for snow removal; snow shovel, ice scrapers, ice and snow melt ready for spreading, summer clothes put away and winter wear at the ready. Decorations for the holidays ghosts, witches, pumpkins/jack o lanterns, and bowls of candy for Halloween and the costumed trick or treater’s. Then it is on to Thanksgiving and plans for a big turkey feast with family, friends, and card tables and folding chairs and elaborate desserts in time to be eaten in front of the TV for football. Next the decrorative lights and wreath on the door, a tree trimmed in the living room, festive decorations, and stocking hung from the mantle for Santa Clause to fill as he leaves goodies for good boys and girls. Christmas day would not be complete without another large meal. One week later the year comes to an end as Father Time retires and the New Year Baby takes over.
        After a beautiful, sunny, hot summer frolicking on the beach, in the mountains, picnics, bar b q’s, camping, fishing, however you spent your time and the hectic holiday season one really needs a rest. So now you know why the stores are stocking their shelves with everything you will need for almost a dozen holidays, so you can do all your shopping and prepare in fewer trips. Of course if you, like most post pandemic shoppers, now shop on line you can do all your shopping from home and have it delivered to your door. In fact if you continue celebrating the holidays virtually think of all the time you save cooking a huge meal and cleaning all those dishes and the vacuuming and dusting. How thankful are you to save all that energy? After all giving thanks is what the holiday season is all about.
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