Male Arrested For Fatal Accident In Somerton

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Oct. 2, 2022

The wheels of justice turn slow. However, they still turn.  Aleksandr Melnikov, 18, of the 9900 blockof Bustleton Avenue found that out late last week. He was arrested for a fatal accident at Bustleton Avenue and Rennard Street  that happened June 23, 2022.  It was just before midnight when police said he was driving in a BMW south on Bustleton Ave.  Police said he was speeding and he allegedly did not stop for a red light. His vehicle struck another car that was west on Rennard.

inside that car was Henry Gonski, a Philadelphia Police Officer that just finished his shift at the airport. Gonski’s car was hit with such force that he was pinned inside the vehicle and had to be freed by the fire department. He died at the scene, having been pronounced by Philadelphia Medic 6.



Some members of the community  were outraged that Melnikov was able to leave  the accident scene and was not arrested right there.  The reason, authorities say that happens is that there is a lot of evidence that needs to be processed. Each case is different.  If the investigation is rushed or not complete, a defendant can be acquitted or some charges can get dropped.


He is charged with Homicide By Vehicle, Involuntary Manslaughter and multiple traffic tickets.