Major Gas Leak Causes Evacuations In Bensalem

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Oct 18,2022

A large gas main has started to leak in Bensalem. The main is on Bristol Road, near Bensalem Boulevard. By  11:00 AM crews arrived and notified utility companies to shut down service to stop the leak. As a result  at least one nearby apartment complex is evacuated and an office complex as well. There are no injuries reported.




The gas is escaping as a rapid pace and sounds like a jet engine from  several blocks away. Authorities were not able to talk about what caused the leak. A construction crew was nearby. By 11: 45 AM, the leak was still not under control.  Emergency officials would not confirm if the construction crew accidentally hit the gas main.  It is unknown if 811 was called to map out any excavation before digging started.