Meet Al Taubenberger, Candidate For State Rep In Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

October 24, 2022

Al Taubenberger has been a republican fighting for Philadelphians for years. He is a former city councilman ( at large)  which means that he is has to represent the interests of people all over the city.

Now he wants to unseat Kevin Boyle (D) for the seat in the 172nd District. This encompasses areas of Somerton, Rhawnhurst and Fox Chase.  Taubenberger in an interview stated that he is pro life but there has to be exceptions. When asked if he should win and if Doug Mastriano was governor, could he get behind Mastriano’s  push to end abortion. “No I think it’s way too extreme, if a woman is raped or her life is in danger and the only way to save it is to abort a pregnancy,  or incest, then yes abortion should be available,” he said.  He is against late term abortions and when pressed on the issue, about young adults having sex and becoming pregnant, he seemed to relent his position, if the pregnancy was not too far along and the pregnancy would be a burden on the female Taubenberger said he is okay with it.


As a state rep, he would draw one of the highest salaries in the nation. When asked about low wage workers trapped in poverty, Taubenberger  was reluctant to commit to raising the state minimum wage at first.  “It should go up but I don’t know how much, maybe  a small increase,” he said. When presented with facts refuting  smaller increases, he seemed to soften his stance. “You’ve enlightened me, especially when he was told  workers just across all of the states that border PA get paid  more than PA workers.  “I really want to do some research on this issue, I’ll talk with proponents on the democratic side about this”, he said. Currently the rate is $7.25/hr in Pa. In New Jersey it is $13.00 /hr.


His opponent Kevin Boyle has bad problems with the law. He was accused of domestic abuse by his wife . She filed a PFA order which was  violated by Boyle, and  he was arrested  in 2021.  The charges were withdrawn in January 2022 and Boyle is still in the state house and in fact holds the minority-party chairmanship of the House Finance Committee. None of that sits well with Taubenberger who states “The public will have to determine if they want a guy that abuses his wife representing them” .



Taubenberger is not without fault as well. He has been called on the carpet for remarks he made regarding sexual harassment made by a woman at the Philadelphia Parking Authority. “I saw them together and everything seemed to be up and up. They ere acting like two kids in high school and I called it “Puppy Love”.  That comment was based on what I saw and information I had at the time”, he said.  The timing for that comment came around the height of the “me too” movement and Taubenberger has since apologized and admitted that he should not have said it. He currently sits on the board for the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Taubenberger said he does not own a firearm but respects those that do and their right to carry.  “There should be restrictions but I would not want an all out ban.  Crime is out of control and people need to protect themselves,” he said.  He is in favor of the waiting period and agrees felons should not have access to guns. On the issue of crime he is a fierce critic of Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner.  He said he supports the effort to have him impeached.




Taubenberger is running against a well financed and experienced opponent. The election will be held Tuesday, November 8, 2022.