Every One Is Entitled To My Opinion- On Prices

Dear friends,
      As my wife and I sat sipping our morning coffee and watching the news they reported on this interesting piece of importance; “Attorney General sues Dollar General Stores.” I nearly dropped my donut, it seems since the cost of everything has gone up, shopping at the Dollar Stores has changed, prices now are one dollar (on select items) and up, $1.25 – $1.50 – $6.50 and more. What is happening is where you would take your cart or basket and select your items counting them and tallying them up thus, 12 items, two food equals twelve dollars plus local sales tax times ten. In this state, Pennsylvania, that would come to $12.60 (except in Philadelphia). What is happening now is you bring your 12 items with the varied prices and as they are rung up an item that was marked $1.50 on the shelf gets rung up as $1.75. Now this may seem trivial but those who catch the mistake are told there is no provision on the register to refund the difference, most just let it go but how many times a day does this take place? A hundred times a day is $25.00 a day, how many people shop at the Dollar Store each day? That adds up.
       Do you grab a quick meal at a fast food drive through? If you remember the movie you know the quote. How many times a day does someone pull up and carry on a conversation similar to ordering a meal in a foreign country; (barely audible voice on speaker) “may I take your order?” Yes I would like you’re two for $6.00 sandwich special” “would that be our scrumptious burger?” “I’m sorry I couldn’t understand you.” “The scrumptious burger?” “Yes, no pickle please.” “No cheese?” “No, I said no pickle.” “No pickle on both?” “Right, and a large order of fries and an order of onion rings.” “Fries and onion rings, sauce or ketchup with them?” “Yes, thank you.” You then get to see your order on a screen, ok it, and receive you total with instructions to drive to the next window. Once there you hand over your payment, please hand them one bill large enough to cover the cost or the exact amount unless you want to be flung into a mathematical black hole. They take your money, give you change, and then instruct you to the “Next window please.” At the next window your order is repeated to you as the bag is handed to you, by now you are just happy to have your food in hand and you drive off, back to your office or home to eat your “fast food”. As you open the bag and lay out your long awaited meal you find two “Scrumptious Burgers” loaded with pickles and not much else, an order of fries, eight packets of ketchup, and no onion rings. Should you go back and complain? You have only time to woof down your meal so you let it go. How many times a day does this take place? An order of onion rings is around $3.50; this can easily add up to $350.00 dollars a day.
       Does it still seem silly that the Attorney General is suing? I no longer find it funny that there really is a “Price check isle five” at the Dollar Store.

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