Sorry, You Did Not Win A New Car

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Dec 22,2022

Scammers will do anything to separate you from your money. While the Grand Parents scam and fake government arrest warrant are still being played out, Buckingham Police have come across a new scam that seems to be working for some people.

Everyone has some personal information on the internet. Including phone numbers or emails. You will get a call and the caller will have your name and address. “You just won a new car”. They just need banking info and your vehicle will be delivered right to your driveway. The scammers are good and will tell you that someone entered your name and it was picked. You want this to be true. The person on the other end of the phone is pleasant, not rude and they already have your info so this must be true.

Wrong, say  Buckingham police. Even though the callers say they are from Publishers Clearing House , they are not. They are scammers. Buckingham Police have had complaints from people that thought this to be suspicious.



Do NOT provide any banking information or personal information over the phone. Do NOT give out computer passwords. These individuals are persistent. Scammers may use your bank account information to withdraw money from you. Be suspicious of anyone who claims you have won something, especially if you do not remember entering a contest. Call 9-1-1 immediately if somebody shows up in person.

These individuals are calling residents on both their home phone numbers or cell phone numbers and telling them that they need their banking information in order to give them the check. The scammer tells residents that they will be coming to their house to deliver the car and take them to the bank to sign some papers. Or that they need gift cards in order to send the money the resident supposedly won.

This scam is not limited to Buckingham. It can be pulled on anyone in any city, state or town. .