PA State Trooper Arrested For Violent Road Rage In Chester

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Jan 21, 2023

PA State Trooper David Levy is on the wrong side of the law, facing very serious charges.  Reckless Endangering,  simple assault and gun charges, police in Kennett Twp. said.  The incident happened  while Levy was off duty on December  28, 2022. just before 5:00 PM. he was driving on Route 1,  near Longwood Gardens.




A family was driving in the same direction as Levy when he brake checked them, forcing them to swerve into another lane of travel. Levy then drove onto the shoulder and attempted to run the family off the road. Levy’s driving was so aggressive, authorities said that he almost hit a tow truck and cut into  their lane of travel.

The family , in an attempt to get away from Levy, they exited their car at the Longwood Gardens ramp, where Levy followed. He is  alleged to have then  got out of his private vehicle,  while yelling at the family he was a state trooper. He had a gun in his hand.  The victim had recorded this on their dash cam and screamed they were calling the police. Levy ran to his vehicle and left the scene. During the time this happened, other people reported hearing a gun shot buy no one saw Levy  fire  his gun.


Police searched Levy’s car and found a 9mm shell casing  in the center console. A bullet hole was found in the dashboard. Levy was arrested and held on $20,000 bail.  He will be back in court on Feb 8, 2023. Reports are that Levy was drinking at a bar in Aston Twp. prior to this incident.



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2 thoughts on “PA State Trooper Arrested For Violent Road Rage In Chester

  1. Well it’s about time, one of there own will face charges. If that family didnt have the incident on there dash cam, things might be different. I’m sorry the family went threw that. This is 1 for the real good guys…..US!!!

    1. This is another sign of mental illness throughout our nation. The problem is his bail. Non Whites who do less have much higher bails!!

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