Arrest Made In Logan Area Murder

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 17, 2023

Philadelphia Police announced the arrest of  Zaire Ayers 23-year-old from the 5500 block of Media Street.  He has been charged with murder, and weapons offenses , stemming from the shooting death of Donte Moore. This happened n April 14th, 2023 on the 6400 block of Ardliegh Street  about 8:51 PM.









Police said that Moore was shot in the chest and lower back.  Ayers was arrested shortly after the shooting.  The motive given was an argument.  Ayers is being held without bail.

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2 thoughts on “Arrest Made In Logan Area Murder

  1. Donte Moore was and always will be MY SON. This MONSTER took my only son. MY BABY. He sit on my porch everyday waiting for MY CHILD like he was his friend and all along he wanted My Donte died. Zaire Ayers is evil conniving and very dangerous. I Jacqueline as Donte’s mom don’t wish this hurt on any mother that has a loving soft heart big baby bright full of life son as I did. Donte did not deserve not of this. I will always love my Donte. That boy took Donte from me and his sister and the whole family.

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