Karla Bonoff To Play Sellersville This Week

by Alex Lloyd Gross

April 17, 2023

Singer and Songwriter Karla Bonoff will be at the Sellersville Theater on April 20, 2023 for a show that is close to sold out. ” We’ve been coming there regularly for quite a while”, Bonoff said during a telephone chat to promote her show. “It;s  the perfect kind of theater for us to play in”,  she said.

Her last record was a Christmas record and she went on tour with Livingston Taylor last year. “I’m out with Nina Gerber who is an awesome guitar player. It’s just the two of us and we’ve been doing that for 20 years”. Bonoff said. It’s an unplugged, acoustic show.

When speaking about touring, she said that she does not mind seeing an artist doing the same songs year after year. She has her core fans that will show up to see her play. She is a fan of music as well and could not care less if say James Taylor came out and did the exact same thing. “I’ve been seeing him for the past 35 years. It’s only once every few years for me and I can’t get enough. I understand if it’s your favorite music and  for people in our age group, we don’t know how much longer people are gonna be touring” she said.



In her career, Karla has recorded with a multitude of people.  Of the list, none stands out more than Charlie Daniels. “A fellow named John Boyland, who produced Linda Ronstadt and did other things was also producing Charlie. He had us come in and do some background vocals”, Bonoff said.

The record industry has been stood on it’s head. “The only way artists can make money is touring and merchandise. Spotify and others, they really need to pay artists more,” she said. Back in the day people had to buy albums.  When talking about inflated ticket prices, Bonoff  said that scalpers are not doing anyone any favors. “I’ve seen some of these scalper ticket prices for other shows, it’s like $4500.00. There is no show that is worth it,” Bonoff said.





There is no need to spend an arm and a leg to see Karla , a few seats remain on sale. https://www.st94.com/ . However the quicker you secure your ticket, the better chance you will have of being inside when she plays.



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