Attempted Carjackers Go Empty Handed, Do Walk Of Shame To Bus Stop

by Alex Lloyd Gross

May 10, 2023

Two wannabe gangsters who purported themselves to be hard core criminals  got nothing for their effort except a felony.  This all started when a gentleman was trying to get into his car on the 2700 block of North Parrish St. It was on April 18 about 2:45 PM.  As he got into his car, he was approached by the two males in the above photo.

They put their hands in their pockets of the sweatshirts they were wearing. They wanted to make  the man think they were armed. Whether they were or not is irrelevant. They demanded he get out of his car and give it to them.  The man  just looked at the two and drove off without giving either a penny.


The pair were last seen north on 27th Street, towards Girard Ave.  Police examined security footage from SEPTA and found the two had taken a bus.  They just want to know who  they  are .





Suspect Description:
Suspect #1:
Black male in his teens, 5’5″ tall, braided hair, medium build, wearing all black clothing.
Suspect #2:
Black male in his teens, 5’5″ tall, thin build. wearing all gray clothing.

Armed carjacking are a federal crime, punishable by life in prison, even if no one was shot.