John Ford Coley Makes Appearance This Weekend In Delco


Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- John Ford Coley


by Alex Lloyd Gross

May 25, 2023

John Ford Coley is coming to Delco this weekend. Specifically, May 27,2023 at the Kelly Center.  The last time he was here was Ambrosia at Parx Casino in 2021. “I’ve changed everything up in my repertoire, I do everything is a Lithuanian Disco -Polka style”, he deadpans.  While he is not serious, he said “I make sure we go down memory lane and I make sure we play the big songs that people remember,” Foley said.

He will go a bit deeper into his vaults and pull out songs that might have been forgotten. “I we asked people on Facebook,what dongs they would like to hear, besides the obvious ones.  I was truly surprised at the songs that were being listed, so I made a medley of about four or five of them “.

This show should clock in about 90 minutes. He realized that when he kept trying to introduce his newer material, the audience was not as receptive because they were not  familiar with them.  With me, people come to hear songs they know,” Foley said.  Songs like W Westward Wind, A Long Way Home should be played, according to Coley.


Coley is from Texas and ha appeared in some photos with a Dallas Cowboys hat, we were curious how deep his feelings for that team go. “You know, I am not a football fan,  after the Cowboys did what they did to Tom Landry,  30 years ago or so I’m like I’m kinda done with it.

Foley has been touring for years and he remembers only once where he had a hostile crowd and it was only one guy at a show. “He kept interrupting me and he was belligerent so I had him escorted out.” said Coley . He has played all over the world, including in Israel  Those were some of the most memorable gigs for him.

If you are interested in going,  you best bet for tickets is to hit up the box office. A few good seats remain.