Bensalem Police Want To Catch BBQ Thief

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 6, 2023

20 years ago  if a person would go into a store and shoplift, if they were not caught at the time they did it, and if they only did it one time at that specific merchant they might get away with it.  With the advent of security cameras, those chances get knocked down tremendously.  Bensalem Police said the male in the above photo walked into the Target store on June 3, 2023. They say he stole and they want to catch him.



He selected two Weber grills , a shark vacuum cleaner and other items before walking out of the store without paying for any of items. He escaped in a black GMC Yukon,  when he left the parking lot,  police are not sure what direction he left in.

If you know who he is you are asked to call (215) 633-3719