Lauren Monroe Will Be At City Winery June 19

by Alex Lloyd Gross

July 8, 2023

On Wednesday Night, July 19 ,2023 a new talent will be playing a show at the City Winery. Her name is Lauren Monroe. Who is she and why should you go?  She is an eclectic singer with a passion for music.

“I’m coming with a full band, from the west coast,  we are gonna play some originals and some fun covers, but really my  purpose there is to play  and to empower people  to bring the community together. My background is in the healing arts”, she said during a quick phone interview to promote the show.

“We always include an element of fundraising, for people going through trauma, like out veterans and first responders.” she said. Lauren is married to Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen and they created a foundation called Raven Drum which helps veterans and first responders. Yes, Rick is part of the band and will be there.  The foundation teaches how people can use their minds to heal, along with rhythm and drumming.



According to Lauren,  he music is Americana,  “But we play some ballads, but I also have some rockers that I draw from my older bands. I’d say it’s like rock-blues.  Before or after the show, Lauren is open to meeting fans. “We will be happy to say hi to people,”  She said she is looking forward to meeting people, especially first responders and veterans.

Some tickets still remain. The City Winery is on 10th & Filbert Streets,  just down the street from the Reading Terminal.