Two Mailboxes Broken Into In Newtown Bucks County

On prior occasions, police in Newtown Twp, have had to deal with mailboxes on Terry Drive that were opened and checks were taken out. According to police, when someone writes a check to pay a bill, (say the3 electric company, for example), the payee is erased and another person is put in. So instead of Paying PECO, the check clears ,payable to John Doe.

Over this weekend, police reported that someone pried open two mailboxes outside of 20 Terry Drive. The entire contents were stolen. This could include bills, letters or office correspondence. Police have no way of knowing what was in the mailboxes.

The Newtown Police have asked people that put mail into those collection boxes over the weekend to check their bank statements diligently and report any fraud or suspicious transactions.


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