Target Store On Bustleton Ave Hit By Looters

by Alex Lloyd Gross

In shopping centers you can see portable towers with flashing blue lights on them. They are cameras. They record. They were recording the night that looters smashed a window at the Target store on the 7400 block of Bustleton Ave. That video, along with store security video is with this article.

Police are looking for the felons that are depicted in the video. The store was closed. They smashed a window or broke into the store in other ways. They entered. That is burglary, police said. Burglary is a felony. Even if nothing was taken. When merchandise is taken, more charges can be added, police said.

The video shows still frame grabs of some of the suspects that police are looking for. They just need help identifying the people in the video.

Looters are not shoppers. A shopper will get the size clothes they need, Looters will grab what they can and hope the size fits. If it does not and they try to sell it, that is another criminal charge. Several businesses have been decimated by looters over the past few days.

Those who sympathize with the looters are part of the problem, many say, including business owners and their employees.To put this in perspective, imagine working for a business, putting your time in, getting promoted , buying a house or a new car then the business has to shut down due to looters.. Looters are criminals and they will steal from any business, even if it owned by a minority, simply because they are out to steal. Who owns the business is irrelevant The Target store and multiple other stores in Philadelphia had nothing to do with the police shooting that is said to be the “reason” looters are out.