Car And Content Thief Wanted By Lower Makefield Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

One thief did not get the message that when you use stolen credit cards in a store, you can get tracked. That is exactly what happened to him. Police in Lower Makefield said that on October 5,2023 the male in the below video stole a vehicle from a driveway on Aspen Road, in Yardley. that vehicle, a 2009 Honda Pilot PA Reg. HPF5323 was taken across state lines into New Jersey.

The male that police are calling a suspect walked into a convivence store at 1517 Pennington Road in Ewing New Jersey and used a stolen credit card to purchase snacks.

Police also said that this male was responsible for several thefts from vehicles that happened in that time frame and also credit card fraud.

In the below video the male is using credit cards stolen from a vehicle on Yellow Springs Road in Yardley.

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