State Senator’s Son Arrested At Cherelle Parker Inaugural

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The job of an event staff security is to direct patrons to where they should go and to keep out those that do not have the proper credential to access certain areas. Guards at the Met .working for Live Nation encountered a male who was intent on getting into the inaugural. Barricades blocked off the area of Carlisle and Poplar Streets for the purpose of keeping people out of the area and to direct them to the appropriate area.

Philadelphia Police said that at 10:10 AMa24 year old black male, later identified as Sharif Street presented himself to the MET security to go in a back door. He was denied. Police said Street became combative and gripped the security guard by the shirt and then punched him with a closed fist, before running off towards Broad Street.

Alex Lloyd Gross Photo- Delaware Valley Cherrelle Parker takes the Oath Of Office.

Police stopped Street and attempted to question him but, according to authorities, he became combative and tried to push past officers. He was subsequently arrested and handcuffed. He was charged with fighting, assault and disorderly conduct. Sharif Street was with another male at the time but that male was not arrested.

Street is the son of State Senator Sharif Street and the Grandson of former Philadelphia Mayor John Street. No mug shot is available, per police. Police said the security guard was treated by medics.


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