Meat Stolen From Trucks In Northeast Philly

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police are investigating after several cases of frozen meat were ripped off from parked tractor trailers earlier today, on the 2700 block of Red Lion Road. The trucks were parked, waiting for a warehouse to open, so they can store the meat there, after it was delivered.

Three black males drove up and parked a white minivan and a dark colored SUV on the grass next to the trucks. The males got out and cut the padlocks on the trailers. The truck drivers were sleeping in the cab of the trucks when this happened.

The thieves jostled the trailer, while trying to get the stolen goods out and one of the drivers woke up and scare him off, police said.. People should be cautioned about buying meat from unknown sellers who may have a cheap price on several cases of meat. The thieves are looking to turn a quick dollar and are not concerned with the proper storage of the food.