Bristol Woman Arrested In Warrington After Crash With School Bus

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Carolyn Delp of Bristol is in trouble with police in Warrington Twp. She was driving a vehicle on January 10, 2024 just after 9:00 AM when a school bus was stopped with it’s lights on pick up a student. Both vehicles were on Easton Road near Georges Lane and both were going northbound, police said.

When the bus stopped, Delp’s vehicle did not, and plowed into the rear of the bus. One student, along with Delp and her passenger sustained what police said were “minor injuries”.

At the time of the crash, Delp did not have a valid drivers license, as police said hers was suspended. She was charged with: .

75 3742.1 a1 Accidents Involv Death or Injury While Not Licensed (F3) 75 3361 Driving at Safe Speeds (S) 75 3345 Meeting or overtaking a school bus (S) 75 1543 (A) Driving While Operator Privilege Suspended or Revoked (S). The school bus belonged to the Central Bucks School District, police said.

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12 thoughts on “Bristol Woman Arrested In Warrington After Crash With School Bus

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      1. A Bensalem woman who stabbed a man in a hospital parking was sentenced to two years probation and a mental health evaluation earlier this month.
        Janae Wiley, 26 was sentenced by Court of Common Pleas Judge Raymond F McHugh on June 16, as part of a guilty plea for endangering the welfare of a child.
        Wiley also plead guilty to reckless endangerment, simple assault, and two related summary offenses.

  2. But can she drive though, and stabbing some woman beater is what should happen everything .. and this old lady should know better , endangering little kids on a bus . Move her to Mars

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