Most Area Congressmembers Vote To Ban Tik Tok

by Alex Lloyd Gross

In a vote that could spell the end for Tik-Tok, a popular social media platform, Just three Pennsylvania Congressmen voted to save the social media platform. Scott Perry, Summer Lee and Brendan Boyle cast a NO vote. In New Jersey, all of the representatives except Andy Kim voted to end Tik-Tok. Kim did not vote.

Delaware’s lone re, Lisa Blunt Rochester voted in favor of the bill that was railroaded through the house. It now goes to the US Senate, where it is expected to pass. Joe Biden said he will sign the bill if it hits his desk.

The popular social media platform has been a tremendous boost to small businesses. The algorithm is geared towards giving viewers what they search for. If you search for drag queen, you will get drag queens. If you search for cats, you will get cats. Many creators on Tik-Tok have small stores that they sell their wares. This legal money comes from all over the world and is fully taxable. This merch can be custom clothing or flea market finds that are re sold. Shipping companies are also making money through this app, in an indirect way.

The reason Tik-Tok has come under fire is multiple unsubstantiated reports that claim it’s parent company Bytedance is spying on users . Most social media platforms, including Facebook and X collect information on their users. Google is the largest offender of this practice. For example, a simple search for tires will get you multiple ads for tires.

Tik Tok CEO Shou Zi Chew was grilled twice on capitol hill by members who refused to allow him to answer their questions. He is a Singaporean with no ties to the Chinese Communist Party. The parent company, Bytedance is headquartered in China.

Alex Lloyd Gross File Photo-Former President Donald Trump said he will not sign the bill to ban Tik Tok.

Many Congressmen, such as Ro Hanna have active Tik-Tok accounts and use them to communicate with their constituents. Make no mistake about it. This is a controversial. subject that could very well cost congressmen and senators the election. All of them have constituents that use the platform, and some depend on it for their livelihoods. While Joe Biden has said he will sign this bill, Presidential contender, former President Donald J. Trump has reversed course and said he will refuse to sign this. With over 100 million users in the United States, this issue alone could sway the election.

The final vote in the house was 352 to 65 .