Third Suspect In Cottman Ave.Shooting Is Now In Custody

by Alex Lloyd Gross

When a suspect is wanted by police for a violent crime, police always make the announcement to “Walk in our front door, before we have to kick down yours”. It’s always best to turn yourself in. Yesterday, police and officers from the US Marshal’s office got information that Jermahd Carter was staying at a relatives house on the 12000 block of Academy Road.

Police, along with the US Marshal’s Service staked out the house and determined that he was home. They then went to the property and a relative answered the door and confirmed that Carter was home. He was taken into custody and charged with, Attempted Murder, Reckless Endangering as well as firearms violations.

Police know who the fourth shooter is and want him to turn himself in. That way it is always better. When police have to come for you, your front door is kicked in and any family members in the house are inconvenienced.

On March 6,2024, Eight students at Northeast High School were shot at Cottman and Rising Sun as they waited fora SEPTA Bus.


4 thoughts on “Third Suspect In Cottman Ave.Shooting Is Now In Custody

    1. Maybe not. Gov Shapiro has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate/handle all crimes committed within 500 feet of septa properties. I think this falls within that category

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