$5000.00 Reward Offered For Arrest Of Fourth Cottman Ave Shooting Suspect

by Alex Lloyd Gross

It’s only a matter of time before 17 Asir Boone is wearing handcuffs and wondering what happened to his life. Police said he is the final suspect on the lam from the March 6 2024 shooting on Cottman Avenue. Eight students were shot, some critical, after three gunmen left a stolen car at the Dunkin Donuts parking lot to shoot randomly into a crowd of Northeast High School Students.

This reward will be paid upon arrest. said Robert Clark, the Supervising Deputy of the Philadelphia Branch of the US Marshals. The only way the US marshals will not be involved is if Boone turns himself in. A warrant will be executed and it will not be pleasant for those with him or harboring him. The front (and/or) rear door of the house will be kicked in. If Boone is spotted in a car, everyone will be taken from the car and put prone on the ground while Boone is handcuffed.

Boone stands 5 feet 6 inches and weighs approximately 140 pounds. He has black hair and brown eyes. He is known to frequent the Olney section of Philadelphia and his last known address was in the 500 block of west Manheim street in Germantown. 

“A deadline has come and gone for Asir Boone to turn himself in. We are now asking for the public’s assistance to further our investigation while also warning that anyone supporting Boone’s flight will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” said Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Clark.  

Tips can be called in to the U.S. Marshals Philadelphia Tipline at 1-866-865-TIPS(8477) or at www.usmarshals.gov.