Repeat Offender Steals From Bensalem Drug Store Twice

by Alex Lloyd Gross

Bensalem Police want to speak with the female in the above photo about her penchant for skin care products and razors. Specifically,the fact that she is not buying any. She steals it.

Police were called to the CVS on Bristol Road.This female, walked in with an oversized purse and went to the aisle where personal hygiene products are sold. She put about $100.00 of products into her bag and left the store without paying. The thefts happened on March 19and again on Mach 27,2024 Bensalem Police said .

There was no getaway vehicle given and no direction of travel after she left the store. Police do have security footage,of which the above photo came from. Should you have any information on her identity, you are asked to call (215) 633-3719. You do not have to identify yourself.


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