Police In Lower Moreland Warn Of Senior Prank

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The spring is time that graduating seniors from high school pull a senor prank. Once such prank that could have serious consequences is being played in Lower Moreland Twp, Montgomery County Pa. It is called “Senior Assassin”.

Police say it involves students shooting each other with water guns, until one student is the last one not wet. Police have gotten multiple calls for armed suspects. When they respond, it is just children.

This game is not sanctioned by the school district and has caused concern for members of our community. We are urging students not to participate. If you choose to participate, please adhere to following safety tips: 1. Don’t carry anything that could be mistaken as a real firearm, this could be a recipe for disaster. A bright colored water gun with an orange tip is best. 2. Do not trespass on other people’s property. 3. Avoid playing after dark. 4. If you see the police coming, do not run or hide, just explain to the officers what you are doing and cooperate with their investigation.

Most people in the community do not know what is going on and may panic.

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