Rock legend to play show in New Hope

By Alex Lloyd Gross

Dave Davies from the Kinks will be in town next week, on a Monday night. He’s on tour and he has his sights set at Havana New Hope. Monday, April 17, 2017.  “The tour, it’s going well, the show is well received. We play some new songs and some old songs,” Davies said during an interview with Delaware Valley . He’s got some solo records out,  most recent is  “Rippin’ Up Time and also, a live album,  “Rippin Up New York”.  That record was recorded at the City Winery, in New York.

This show , at Havana, is the only local show in the area. The main reason it’s not completely sold out is the fact is is on a Monday night.  On previous tours, he got to play live with his son Russ. “It’s about a two hour show, something for everyone”,  he laughed. This tour, Russ is not  there, but a three piece band is.  Dennis Diken from the Smithereens  on drums. On bass, is  Dave Nolte. Some artists will do meet and greets after the show. Davies said “I’m not sure what we are doing at Havana, sometimes there is not enough time”,  he said.   He does have merchandise available during the show. “I like to sign things for fans,” he added.

If you want to experience the show beforehand, go to his web site and check out his live record. It will give you a feel for the show. While not all of the songs  on this record will be played “I’m keeping my favorites”, Davies said, the set list does change. He would need to be on stage for six hours to  play all of the hits and cherry pick the highlights from all of his records. It’s doubtful that will happen, but it makes for wishful thinking.

Tickets are best to be purchased online if you wait to get them at the door you may be out of luck and not able to get in.  Havana is an intimate club. They host many headline acts, like Ian Hunter. Speaking of Hunter, he opened for The Kinks July 28, 1979 at the Spectrum.  Havana is a great place to see a show, and the food is not bad either.