Philly teacher arrested and suspended for threatening police

Philadelphia Police

By Alex Lloyd Gross

John Sheerin, the 63 year old man who was filmed threatening police during a protest to take down the Frank Rizzo statue  has been arrested over the weekend in  Philadelphia.  During one skirmish, the man could be seen challenging cops and acting out.  He was not arrested at the scene, that would come about two weeks  later.  Internet detectives quickly deduced that this man was a teacher employed by the School District of Philadelphia.  He taught at the Julia De Burgos Elementary School

In the video, Sheerin alleges that cops pushed a barricade into him. He then goes off on a torrent of profanity that you can see here  The language is strong. In fact, he has to be pulled away from cursing at the police by fellow demonstrators.  Some of the other demonstrators  can be seen smiling after his tirade.Sheerin was charged with terrorist threats and disorderly conduct.  None of the other people involved in the protect were arrested.

Sheerin has made a name for himself online and in protest circles, as a strong opponent of Donald Trump.  During some online posts, he was openly dared people to report him. His son was arrested during an anti-Trump protest. Sheerin  took to social media to blast anyone that disagreed with his views . His Facebook page is filled with anti Trump memes and left wing propaganda. He was under investigation by the school district and has been suspended without pay. No trial date has been set yet.