After Private Property Damaged By ATV’s Bensalem Police Issue Warnings

By Alex Lloyd Gross

ATV’s are fun to ride. However, some people are driving them on property they do not own. That property is not designated for ATV’s but is is tempting to ride on. It may be an open field or a private road.  It is also illegal. After the owners of an athletic field complained to police about substantial damage done to their property in the Trevose area,  police issued a warning to operators.

They are confiscating ATV’s and issuing fines. Especially if the ATV is being issued on a public road.  That is a large part of the problem,  people who live near fields  will drive the ATV’s to the field and back home.  In January 2017 a fatal accident happened on Bensalem Boulevard about a mile away where people illegally ride ATV’s.  The operators were children and the ATV was illegal.