Retired Chester Firefighter Arrested For Tossing Fire Extinguisher At Capitol Police


by Alex Lloyd Gross

Robert Sanford, a retired firefighter with the city of Chester, in Delaware County was arrested by federal authorities this week. He is the male observed on video tossing a fire extinguisher over a balcony. That extinguisher hit three Capitol Police Officers, bouncing off their heads as they battled with rioters.. One of which was not hearing a helmet. Sanford surrendered to the FBI and was ordered held with no bail by Judge Henry Perkin.

When agents searched his home, they found a shirt that is identical to the ones the Proud Boys wear.  The riots on January 6 2021 have changed Washington DC which is in lock down until after the inauguration.  Sanford’s charges include assault of a police officer, civil disorder and related charges.  This is in no way related to the individual that threw a fire extinguisher at Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died from his injuries.

Sanford was seen wearing a CFD skull cap which was recognized by a friend. That friend called the FBI and they they filed the charges. Sanford took a bus down to the Capitol , He is a retied firefighter who served the city of Chester for years.