Bucks County District Attorney’s Phone Number Spoofed In Scam

A Bucks County resident received a phone call today telling him his personal information was being used out of state with the caller ID showing that the call came from the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office. The call did not come from this office and Bucks County Detectives are investigating and warning residents of similar types of phone scams where a number is spoofed to appear to be coming from somewhere else.
Earlier this year, a similar scam showed the incoming number as coming from the Bucks County Clerk of Courts. The resident who received today’s call said he never spoke to the caller, but a message was left on his answering machine. On the message, the caller said the resident’s social security number was used fraudulently at the Texas border and to press 2 to speak to an officer.
The man said his caller ID showed the call came from the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office. He called the office and detectives began an investigation. A reminder that if a detective or someone from the District Attorney’s Office staff contacts you, they will not ask for any personal information over the phone. Anyone who has received a similar call, should contact county detectives at 215-348-6354..

Also the IRS, Social Security Administration will NEVER call you. Should you get such a call telling you that you owe money or will be arrested, hang up the phone. If you are concerned, dial the agency yourself.