Lincoln High School Gunman Identified

Aaron k. Scott Phila Police

by Alex Lloyd Gross

The fight was over something stupid.  A comment made over social media.  Aaron K. Scott ,21  was upset about something that was written about him over social media, so he confronted that person  outside Lincoln High School, across the street, and that is where he allegedly pulled a pistol and began shooting. police said.  The bullets went everywhere, landing on the sidewalk outside Jeans Pizza.

Unfortunately, not all of the rounds fell onto the sidewalk. Two  of them hit people. One an innocent driver,  Jeff Carter, who was a maintenance man who just retired from Frankford Hospital.  Carter was not involved, did not know anyone involved and was on his way about his business on Ryan Avenue, when a bullet entered his car and struck him in the head. He died from his injuries. Another round hit a 16 year old student at Lincoln High. He was running away and not a threat. Still, he was shot in the back of the head. That youth is still in critical condition. His prognosis is unknown.



Philadelphia Police Officer Sean Kennelly was nearby , detailed to the high school in plainclothes. He made the arrest of Scott, who reportedly was calling the officer names as he was being cuffed.  Scott, a 21 year old with no prior criminal record was charged with murder, attempted murder, weapons offenses and conspiracy.. Scott was local to the area, and lived on the 3400 block of Aldine Street.

He is held without bail . His court records  do not list an attorney for him. . You can read the original story here

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3 thoughts on “Lincoln High School Gunman Identified

  1. The death penalty isn’t good enough for him. Let him rot in jail and get his ass beat everyday for the rest of his life. He’s an animal and deserves nothing.

    1. Perhaps publicly hanging him like the animal he is near where that poor man lost his life. Or maybe giving the victim’s loved ones a handgun and letting them use him as target practice. Unfortunately, savages like this enjoy prison. They weren’t brought up any better at home. Why feed him, let him get laid and give him ANY accommodations at the taxpayer’s expense. Aren’t you sick of paying for these thugs?

  2. This is so sad. Lincoln High brings a lot of trouble. They just spent millions of dollars rebuilding the school. I had to pull my child out of school because he was attacked 3 times on Lincoln’s property. Also I have witness fights when school lets involving at least 30 kids at a time. The store owner close by are scared of these kids. I do realize the 21 year old that was arrested is probably not a student. But this school is still a nuisance.

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